We are committed to the safety of athletes and has taken notes of the mandatory equipment adjustments decided at the meeting.

One of the major changes is the safety straps, which ensures that in the event of a binding problem, the athlete does not completely lose control between body and ski and can land safely, which will become mandatory.

Ski stoppers will also be mandatory for every athlete to mount on their skis in the coming winter. The ski stoppers are intended to prevent the skis from sliding uncontrollably and at high speed through the run-out in the event of a fall, thus posing a significant risk of injury to athletes and others involved.

We will keep our customers informed of any news regarding the upcoming release of our ski stoppers.

In regards to equipment regulations, the FIS Ski Jumping Committee has set new standards for binding heels and wedges worn by athletes during jumps. The height of the boot sole and binding heel must not exceed 50 mm.

Please note that while the approximate height of the RASS boot sole is 28 mm, we cannot guarantee that all shoes will have the same height. It is the responsibility of the customer to measure the height of their boots to ensure that they purchase the appropriate heel height that will not exceed the maximum height of 50 mm as set by the FIS Ski Jumping Committee. We recommend taking the necessary measurements before purchasing any additional equipment to ensure that it meets the new safety regulations.

Additionally, athletes are permitted to wear symmetrically-sized wedges during jumps with the following maximum sizes allowed: back part (3 cm), side (1.5 cm on each side), and front part (0.5 cm). The wedge opening must be positioned centrally in the front part and placed inside the boots symmetrically with the upper edge on the same level as that of the upper edge of jumping boots. Rotating wedges inside the boots is not allowed. These new regulations aim to maintain safety standards and ensure fairness during competitions.
In the past, athletes were allowed to wear wedges up to 5.5 cm. Please note that Slatnar no longer offers wedges of this size.

Another important update is the ban on fluorine in ski wax, which will be enforced from 01.07.2023. FIS has solved the problems with the measurement of environmentally harmful fluorine, and there will be the first controls during the Summer Grand Prix and the European Games as part of a test run. From the winter onwards, appropriate penalties will also be imposed for the use of fluorine.

We are also delighted to announce that women's ski flying will be added to the World Cup calendar after the great success of ski flying last winter in Vikersund.

At Slatnar, we are committed to providing high-quality ski jumping equipment to support athletes in achieving their best performances. We will continue to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the sport and ensure that our equipment meets all necessary requirements.

For more information on these updates and the official FIS calendar for summer 2023 and winter 2023/2024, please keep following FIS official page.