Digital transformation of the company Slatnar d.o.o. 

Operation Name: “E-POS-SLATNAR”

Slatnar d.o.o. wants to upgrade its operations using the latest information and communication technologies with the help of the “Nadgradnja elektronskega poslovanja podjetja Slatnar d.o.o.” operation (hereafter: E-POS-SLATNAR), which is co-financed through the public tender “E-POSLOVANJE 2019-2022”. The objective of the invitation to tender from the perspective of the Operational Program for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy is to improve the outlook of SMEs to enter or expand their business in foreign markets by establishing or upgrading company e-operations, thus increasing their international competitiveness. The purpose of the operation is to support the entry into global value chains and new markets and increase international competitiveness through co-financing the eligible costs of setting up or upgrading e-operations.

With the operation “E-POS-SLATNAR.” we will improve our footing in foreign markets and increase the competitiveness, reach and visibility of our services and business products. To accomplish the latter, we will carry out the following measures and activities within the operation:

  • Webshop;
  • Digitization of appearances at trade-shows;
  • Creation of websites for foreign markets;
  • Production of a product sales video;
  • Building of competencies – training;

To achieve excellent and successful implementation of the mentioned operational measures, we will work with external contractor: Optiweb, spletne rešitve, d.o.o.

With its renewed online presence, operation E-POS-SLATNAR will improve the positioning of Slatnar’s brand and products (services) in foreign markets, increase the reach of identified audiences and enhance the Company’s competitiveness.

The operation will thus enable the company to increase its reach in the foreign market, increase its ability to target the key groups and customer segments, while optimizing marketing and other operating costs associated with appearing in foreign markets.

With the tools for measuring analytical data, the company will also gain a useful data source that will facilitate the strategic decisions of the company in terms of sales, marketing and also production orientations.

The main objectives of the “E-POS-SLATNAR” operation are: establishing and upgrading e-commerce, expanding the company’s business in foreign markets and increasing Slatnar’s international recognition and competitiveness.

In addition to these objectives, the operation will also fulfil the following purposes:

  • Preparation of contents for participation in digital fairs and participation in a reference fair;
  • Completed studies of the digital appearance of the company;
  • Responsive website design;
  • Analysis/monitoring web traffic;
  • Website in two foreign languages;
  • Research performed for the target market in terms of logistics, legal framework;
  • Production of a product-sales video in a foreign language with a length of at least 2 minutes;
  • Completed training in enhancing competencies.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. You can read more about it on The amount of co-financing is EUR 30.000,00.

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