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World Cup skis

In a relatively short time, we have strengthened our position as one of the leading manufacturers of ski jumping skis in the world. We achieved this by combining Elan’s tradition with our own innovation that is based on more than 50 years of professional development. Our skis have many unique advantages, such as a straight front part.

Higher speed, greater stability and better results

A thought out sliding base

Innovative design of the sliding base prevents overheating and allows higher speed on the take-off table (up to 0.6km/h).

Best quality materials

Carbon fibre, glass, wood and other materials combined ensure long-term construction stability.

A square front part

A level front part, which still remains unique on the market, brings additional 2 cm² sliding surface.

Air bindings

Since 2006, when we developed the first bindings, athletes that use our skis have broken many world records and received several olympic medals. Today, a staggering 97% of athletes across the world use our bindings to participate in the world cup.

Light-weight, durable and safe for optimal results

Light-weight construction

Air bindings are 1 kilogram lighter in comparison with competitors.

Easy maintenance

The special bindings design makes handling and dismantling much easier.

Individual adjustments

A range of different settings allows each athlete to find the best combination for themselves.

Boot parts

Although we have put the production of popular carbon boots temporarily on hold, we still continue developing individual parts, such as clips and clamps of the heel and calf part. Thanks to our rich experience, in-depth knowledge and a tight connection with the ski flying world, we develop high-quality parts that professional athletes can rely on long-term.

Individual design for maximal comfort and minimal worry

Attention to detail

We produce each part with utmost attention to optimise its weight, ensure quality and guarantee better control of the boot.

More carbon, less plastic

Meticulous material selection contributes to greater endurance and reliability – even in cases of extreme strain.


For athletes, who are not that keen on serial parts or their parts have malfunctioned, we produce custom-made spare parts. We also specialise in servicing the mentioned parts, which elongate the boot lifetime.

Champions recommend

At Slatnar, they always strive for improvement and their development never stops. They always use the best materials, which for me is a sign that they listen to my opinion. This helps me to reach my maximum.

Peter Prevc

Winner of the world cup in ski jumping and flying, world champion in ski flying and recipient of Olympic medals

I find it extremly important that female ski jumping is supported by such an innovative brand as is Slatnar. Their equipment helps me surpass my limits and constantly achieve better results.

Sara Takanashi

World champion and winner of the World Cup in ski jumping

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