Introducing you new touring bindings ST 1.0.

Based on our expertise in making ski jumping bindings that have won first places all over the world and at the Olympic Games, we have developed the ST Touring bindings, the ultimate in high performance and durability for touring skiing enthusiasts. Whether you’re exploring your favorite local trails in powder or facing the mighty slopes of glaciers, you can rely on consistent and reliable performance.

When climbing, the skier must step into the toe section and lock the lever in the front. The pins on the heel section must be covered with a riser or turned 180° so that the heel remains free for walking (straight step). On the descent, the skier must step on the pins on the heel so that the heel is locked. As a general rule, the front lever should be unlocked so that vertical and lateral release can be performed if necessary. When skiing on very exposed terrain, where losing the skis is not an option, it is recommended to keep the lever locked.

Key features:

1. Strong construction: the ST Touring bindings, based on pin technology, are mainly composed of 7075 aluminium, which ensures exceptional strength and resistance. It is designed to perform well in a wide range of environmental conditions, making it a reliable choice for all your adventures. The pins and springs are made of hardened steel. The bolts and pins on the folds are made of stainless steel (inox).

2. The spacer AFD (Anti Friction Device): adjustable according to the thickness of the ski boot sole from 15.5 mm to 24 mm. For those who want to reduce weight, it can be easily removed.

3. Heel Fore/aft: With 6 mm of fore/aft heel travel, the heel section compensates for the compression of the skis, ensuring a smoother ride on uneven snow and reducing the risk of a too-early release.

4. Riser steps: the heel provides a stable platform for challenging ski trails and its design ensures that it won’t accidentally release when it doesn’t need to. When adjusting the heel, you have the option to use the riser steps over the pins or to turn the heel 180°, allowing almost zero degrees of tilt. A user-friendly design that allows for quick transitions using the ski pole, so you can easily adapt to changing terrain. 2 levels of rise + flat available. Heights are 32 mm and 47 mm, which is sufficient for most users with modern ski boots that allow good ankle mobility.

5. Boot Sole Length (BSL) adjustment: BSL adjustment is an impressive 50 mm, allowing for a wide range of boot sizes and shapes.

6. Release Force Adjustment (DIN): Vertical and lateral release. Fixed, 5-6, 7-8, or 9-10
To adjust the release force according to a given DIN number, it should be noted that this force can vary. To adjust the vertical release, follow the steps below:

  1. Loosen the two screws at the top rear.
  2. Pull out the U-spring and replace it with another one.

The lateral release can be operated with four springs and balls. Follow these steps to add or remove springs/ball:

  1. Loosen the screw while the U-spring is tilted forwards.
  2. Place the first stage of the riser over the U-spring.
  3. Turn the heel in either direction.

This will give access to all four holes. The number of springs/spheres according to DIN numbers is as follows: two around DIN 5-6, three around 7-8, and four around 9-10.

7. Adapter for the crampons: The bindings are equipped with a crampon adapter (adjustable with ATK, Dynafit,…) for better grip on icy or challenging surfaces, which, like the AFD spacer, can be removed to reduce weight further.

8. Brake: Easily removable. Can be used on skis between 80 and 116 mm wide. Easily removable with two brake lock settings: walking mode and skiing mode.

With its promise of unwavering performance, reliability and outstanding durability, the ST Touring Bindings are the smart choice for keen touring skiers looking for the best in their equipment. Reliability and performance in life-or-death situations is also proven by the trust placed in the ST Touring bindings by the Slovenian mountain rescue team, which uses them on the demanding terrain of the Slovenian Alps.

Front Weight (pair)
260 g

BSL adjustment
50 mm

Riser heights
Flat +2 (32/47mm) / optional 3rd (55mm)

Crampons Ready
YES (Could be removed for weight reduction)

Rear weight (pair)
400 g

Brake weight (pair)
220 g (90 mm)

Vertical release
Fixed, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 (Adjustable by replacement of U-spring)

Lateral release
Fixed, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 (Adjustable: add or remove balls/springs)

Step into the snow with our new touring bindings!

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