The FIS had a bit of a rule makeover at their recent meeting. Jumping bindings are breaking free from the restrains of mandatory brakes. However, if you're a safety test subject, ski brakes are your new BFF until next season. Post-season, the FIS brain will consult again to decide whether ski brakes are ready for our jumpers or if they need a bit more time to hit the slopes.

You might have caught wind of it, or maybe not...

But the new LITE bindings have officially landed on our website. Introducing a new generation of ski jumping equipment Slatnar Lite bindings. These bindings are designed with precision and offer a range of improvements for ski jumpers. Efforts to reduce weight have resulted in front bindings that are now 20g lighter. The updated design adds a touch of modernity to the equipment while maintaining the use of high-quality materials like carbon, a signature feature of Slatnar d.o.o. products.
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The wait is over!

After what feels like a million test runs, we've launched our latest creation – the ST 1.0 touring bindings. Based on our expertise in making ski jumping bindings that have won first places all over the world and at the Olympic Games, we have developed the ST Touring bindings, the ultimate in high performance and durability for touring skiing enthusiasts. Whether you’re exploring your favorite local trails in powder or facing the mighty slopes of glaciers, you can rely on consistent and reliable performance.
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Seiz gloves now in store

Our ski jumping gloves collection has expanded with the addition of yet another brand.
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