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We believe sports people are the best innovators. By listening and giving them a voice, we fuel our ongoing innovation and develop state-of-the-art equipment. We support the world’s best sportsmen and sportswomen in achieving their best performance. And beyond.

What I appreciate most about Slatnar is the fact that they are constantly improving, the R&D never stops. The exceptional gear I get and the fact that they are keen to listen to my feedback enable me to always push my limits further.

Peter Prevc
Ski Jumping & Ski Flying World Cup Winner, Olympic Medallist

First of all, I think it’s really important that women’s ski jumping has the support of such an innovative brand as Slatnar. On a personal level, their gear keeps pushing me forward to always improve my results.

Sara Takanashi
Ski Jumping World Cup Winner & World Champion

Slatnar Ski Jumping Skis

Only just entering the ski jumping skis arena, but already with a wealth of experience, Slatnar provides its athletes with some impressive advantages. The proprietary running base ensures higher speeds when it matters the most, while ensuring long-term form-stability for ever-better performance.

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  1. proprietary running base

    treatment prevents overheating while ensuring higher speeds of up to 0.6 km/h

  2. built using selected, top quality materials

    including carbon, glass and wood, ensuring long-term form stability

  3. angular tip shape

    adds 2 cm2 of surface


Slatnar Carbon Bindings

Already used by 80% of the whole World Cup circuit, Slatnar carbon bindings are at the forefront of the industry. Lightweight on the one hand, but also extremely durable, they ensure safety and a better ski angle while in the air. Multiple micro adjustments mean that every athlete will find the perfect settings to improve his or her performance.

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  1. lightweight construction,

    saving 1 kg compared to the competition

  2. easy servicing,

    handling and disassembly

  3. offers micro adjustments

    to accommodate each jumper’s needs and jumping style

In Development

Slatnar Carbon Boots

Ski jumping boots were in need of some concrete improvements – so we looked into it. Starting with lightweight construction, we saved 40% of the weight and at the same time ensured that the foot stays fixed in position. And finally, the jump/walk setting brings more comfort when walking as well.

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  1. lightweight construction

    40% lighter than the competition

  2. improved construction

    keeps the foot fixed in position for better control

  3. the walk/jump setting

    enables natural movement when walking and added comfort

  4. carbon fiber

    ensures long-term form stability


We are driven by persistence, attention to detail and challenging the status quo. We don’t follow. We carve our own path. The moment we finish a product, we start refining it. We never stop.

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  • Peter Slatnar, CEO
  • Talita Slatnar, Sales and Purchase
  • Rok Urbanc, Service
  • Matej Božičnik, Constructor and R&D
  • Rok Rehbergar, R&D

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